Offer business solutions that generate significance.


Become an established business model in the sector.


Consistency, Discipline, Proactiveness, Loyalty, Humility, Honesty, Efficiency.


Infinity could be understood from the mathematical as well as from the philosophical aspect. Infinity is defined as all that have no limits. Infinity is without any doubts a concept of great complexity and abstraction because nothing of what we know in our ordinary life can be consider as such.
Just our imagination.

Social Media

We specialize in Social Media Management.

Web Development

Web design and programming according to your needs.


We focus on your brand’s management and logistics.

Animation and Video

400% more engagement when presenting your video on social media.

Corporate Identity

We give your company image, strength and elegance.

Content Management

We investigate, analyze and reinterpret value content.


Design Thinking

It’s a methodology for creating innovative ideas that centers its efficiency on understanding and gives solutions to user’s actual needs.
Companies such as Apple, Google and Zara use it. As it’s a great innovation generator, it can be applied to any field, from product or services development to process improvement or business models definition.

Inbound Marketing

It’s a non-intrusive methodology that allows us to gain clients without “selling”. This is through the continuous combination of actions such as SEO, generation of intelligent content, social media presence, lead generation and tracking and data analysis. It’s a cyclic method which guarantees better results and important scopes, for brand or product positioning.

Organic Branding

This is a methodology from SBGDL Community and Branding; it allows us to evaluate your company “health”. Two models are considered here. The Brand Tree and The 4 Elements. One of them focuses on the company basis while the other is oriented to the human resource of the company. An evaluation is made of the basic elements for Organic Branding. It’s concluded with an improvements summary…

The Team

A MULTIDISCIPLINARY team with over 10 YEARS of experience.



Self-appointed alchemist. Communicator and Branding 2.0 specialist. She’s passionate about Undertaking, she looks for developing creativity in surrounding professionals and she has the firm intention to continue to transform her world. Potential chef (her peanut butter muffins are delicious), Soundtracker, Creator and Director (CEO) of SBGDL.



Communicator, multitasker and soccer lover. She’s friendly, kind-hearted and she has a strong character. Always centered and down-to-earth. Inbound marketer in charge of some of our clients’ accounts. She’s always with the best disposition and desire to learn new processes and enrich new projects.



Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.



Communicator with a social approach, she lived in the mountains of Sierra Madre as a volunteer for 2 years and she came back with new perspectives concerning the world. She always gives the best of herself and she has a high disposition to work in a team. Her goal in life is transform the world around her and leaving a mark. She loves Rakára tamales (the ones with blackberry and cheese).



Publicist, blogger, speaker, programmer and infinitologist. His charisma stands out and his word is his motto. He’s in charge of putting together websites on Wordpress and develops them for better functioning. He loves to travel and he has worked in big companies such as TV Azteca and even Disney de Mexico. He loves to wear a red bowtie instead of a tie.



Publicist, strategist, advisor, Creative Director and Senior Creative Writter with over 36 years of experience. He has worked on argentine and internation agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather,  Casares-Grey, Leo Burnett, Lautrec- Saatchi & Saachti, among others. Simple and charismatic, humble and humorist as a good argentine. Great friend and colleague who force us to always go back to squere one... Creativity.

Articles of Interest

Visit our NEWS section to see all the articles available at SBGDL. (In Spanish)

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What is said about SBGDL Community & Branding

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Arturo Montero / Founder – Hikuri

Actually this came to me just at the right time because when I read a SBGDL e-mail in which they announced a pitching workshop, I just had a very important pitch to prepare. I think the course develops 360 degrees abilities according to the perception aspect, the idea is knowing who I am and have confidence to communicate, as well as discover less obvious information about why a pitch becomes successful or not. These exercises make us more aware of how others perceive us, and allow us to see the necessary objectives we need to work on. Besides, Penélope has a great experience listening to all kind of projects, making her a very assertive person who knows to read between lines. I also knew very interesting people of the sector where I work and other sectors, with the interest to be able to give a safe step further in the business world just like me.

Juan Antonio Yanes / Commercial Management – Ikkarus UAV

I took a Branding workshop with SBGDL. It helped us to identify key aspects in our entrepreneurial project as well as brand perception, the need of digital media presence and the importance of effective communication. Highly recommendable to any SME or entrepreneur who wants to innovate and improve his commercial strategy.

Jorge Osvaldo Gómez Araiza / Chief Operating Officer – Busca tu escuela

If you want to know about marketing and social media management this course is for you, with a very simple language you learn about notions of self-management, management of company, your image and your staff and how to address clients, I highly recommend it and it has the latest notions and the most important thing is that SBGDL applies all of this so they can discuss about it.

Erick López Salas, Managing Director – EQUITY DE MÉXICO

The experience with SBGDL was totally new because the professionalism in their services and the quality of their designs made the image of Equity something fresh and dynamic, just what we were looking for; and all this with the best response time. equitydemexico.com.mx

Adriana Gutiérrez, Manager – UDG

The Personal Branding workshop was a very emotional workshop for me, full of meaningful learning and left me very eager to continue knowing more about myself: how I present myself, how people see me, how I see myself, to be able to develop my personal brand and be competitive as a person and as a company. I highly recommend it.

Marco Benítez, General Manager – Cibermundo

SBGDL carried out our newest web page and I can describe it as an excellent work. It has also supported us with amazing works because of its creativity and experience. Additionally we have hired the Community Manager Service with SBGDL and the results are really encouraging because in a short period of time we are generating a lot of social media activity and most importantly a great number of visits to our website. I give my most sincere recognition and congratulations. dentis.com.mx

Pablo Mercado, General Management – Vorento

Thanks to SBGDL we managed to strengthen our marketing strategy having web and social media presence. Working hand in hand with SBGDL we managed to transmit our message to more clients in a fast and low-cost way. vorento.mx

Diego Lanzagorta, Sales Manager – Bunker Electronics

We have seen the importance of keeping track and continuity of our Facebook page for it to be effective. We really didn’t have the time to keep it updated, and what’s more, the maintenance and continuity that SBGDL has given it has been excellent. We have increased our fans in an organic way thanks to the determination it has been taken.  bunkeraudio.com

Hayk Muradyan, Account Coordinator – Johnny Rockets

SBGDL gives us a unifying solution for handling our social networks accounts and web content. They’re a very dynamic team, creative, attentive and professional. They give immediate answer to any inquiry of us as well as of our followers through social networks, making these communication channels very effective. I highly recommend them.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Some possible questions that will come up about our services.


Why should I have a Community Manager?

Because he or she will be the face of the company in the digital sector, he’s in charge of the publications and every sales strategy that the company may have. It’s important to clarify that keeping consistency and determination in social networks is a key feature to see results in the medium term.

Is digital marketing expensive?

No, it isn’t. Actually it’s quite accessible and it’s even recommended to keep a minimum but constant budget for Facebook campaigns, Google Ads or Linked In. Starting at $350 a month.

What reach can I have with digital campaigns?

Depending on the segmentation given to each campaign, we could say around 5.000 people with a minimum payment and up to 200.000 people or more according with the desired segment in higher payments.

What determines the success of a company on virtual platforms?

The content and persistence. It doesn’t work to keep a one-month campaign; they must be permanent and constant. There must be consistency in the published content and they must be well focused on your target.

Can I know statistics and hard data of my social networks?

Yes, you can. The social platform that handles statistics best is Facebook, it saves data such as age, gender, location, language, interests, hours of influence, among other things. Those statistics will help you restructure your strategy when needed, or making adjustments.


Some of the clients who have placed their trust in us


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You can also visit our online shop, where you will find all the details you need to know about each one of our services.



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